Energy related education and training at the University of Aberdeen is founded on strong academic disciplines and sound interdisciplinary links. The University is in the process of aligning all research within its Schools with cross-disciplinary meta-themes, all of which will align with Government’s and major grant awarding bodies’ Energy priorities. The University engages extensively with industry and the service sector both nationally and internationally to ensure the postgraduate training experience is both current and relevant to sector needs.

Our energy-related research covers a broad spectrum of areas - from characterising reservoirs of oil and gas, to engineering solutions for high temperature and high-pressure, down-hole conditions, to the development of new and renewable energy technologies and our internationally recognised research excellence in industrial psychology, petroleum economics and safety engineering provide solutions for the industry.

The results of our innovative research are aiding the development and deployment of new and renewable energy technologies, particularly in bioenergy, wave and wind energy.

Our materials scientists and chemists are devising safe means to store nuclear wastes. Our pioneering work on environmental sensing and remediation technologies is providing solutions for the remediation of drill cuttings and hydrocarbon waste streams.

The University of Aberdeen offers a variety of programmes covering the different aspects of the energy industry. Our portfolio of taught and research postgraduate programmes equips students with the skills necessary for success in the energy industries.