Visiting Students 2016

Lena Coulet

 I am a second year engineer student in Food Science in Agrosup in Dijon, France. I came for a 5 month internship at the University of Aberdeen to study the trade-off between reproduction and somatic protection in relation to the ageing of mice. In brief, I work on the impact of reproduction on oxidative stress measuring oxidative damage and antioxidants activity on harvested tissues



Claire Guillen

I’m a second year student of DUT bioengineering option Food and Biological Process in the University of Toulouse Paul Sabatier, France. I’m studying the trade-off between somatic protection and reproduction ie oxidative stress in breeding or non-breeding C57BL/6 mice. For that I measure rate of DNA and protein damages in kidneys in order to make clearer aging mechanisms. I also work on the relation between food intake, physical activity, body temperature, and weight during pregnancy.




 Solenn Gouedard

I am studying the energy regulation, the antioxidant activity and the circadian patterns in C57 mice over two cycles of reproduction. My main focus is to look into the disruption of circadian patterns caused by reproductive events and measure a variety of markers of oxidative stress at the peak of lactation 2.