Awards & Prizes

Zoological Society of London

Scientific medal (1995)


Scientific medal with inscription and reverse side details

Royal Society of Edinburgh

Caledonian Research Foundation Fellowship (1996)


Encylopaedia Brittanica (1998)

My work on energy expenditure in African Wild dogs with Martyn Gorman and Gus Mills was selected as one of the five most important advances in the field of zoology in the Encylopaedia Brittanica yearbook during the year 1998.

Royal Society

Leverhulme Senior Research Fellowship (1999)


Laboratory News Industry Awards (2001)

My research group was short-listed as a finalist (n = 4) in the category Best UK academic research group.

At the Dorchester Hotel (29 th October 2001) with Ela Krol for the Laboratory news Industry awards ceremony.

Royal Society of Edinburgh - Saltire Society (2002)

Scottish Science Medal.

Scottish Science medal with inscription on reverse face

Saltire Society scroll

Royal Society of Edinburgh (2004)

Elected Fellow of the Society : FRSE


Kwarazmi International Award (2005)

Presented by the President of Iran – February 2005


Receiving the trophy and certificate from the President of Iran

With the other prize-winners after the award ceremony


Award certificate and trophy

Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies Edinburgh (2005)

William Dick memorial lecture.


Receiving an engraved decanter from Professor Watson, principal of the Royal (Dick) Vet school on the occasion of presenting the William Dick memorial lecture (May 2005)

Engraved decanter from the Royal Dick vet school

Elected Director on the board of the Company of Biologists (2005)


Royal Society of Edinburgh (2006)

Lloyds TSB Ageing Research Fellowship

Academy of Medical Sciences (2008)

Elected Fellow of the Academy : FMedSci


The newly elected fellows at the Royal Society of London (June 2008)


Royal Society of Arts (2009)

Elected fellow of the Royal Society of Arts FRSA (March 2009)

Awarded Honorary Professorship of the Bing-zhi Forum, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Zoology, Beijing (November 2010)

Letter of appointment

Making Bing-zhi forum presentation, CAS-IOZ (November 2010)

January 2011  Clive McCay Lecture. Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA

Gold watch to commemorate the Clive McCay lecture