human studies equipment list


This is a generalised reminder list – you may not require all the items on it or you may require additional specific items depending on the study.


  • 2-figure balance for weighing dose bottles or spill tissues
  • scales for weighing subjects (appropriate to the subjects you are studying)
  • dose bottles (pre-prepared)
  • list of subjects and doses they are to receive
  • scissors or tweezers to open crimp tops
  • insulated box to carry dose bottles in safely so they dont break
  • water to dilute doses
  • drinking vessels for dose administration
  • flavouring if doses to be flavoured eg orange squash
  • drinking straws
  • weighed tissues for spillage collection
  • subject information sheet (laminated)
  • datasheets/notebook + waterproof pens/pencils
  • watch to record dose time

Urine Sampling

  • labelled sample collection vessels (large open top) plus lids
  • plastic bags (large enough for sample bottles)
  • carry box for samples
  • prelabelled small sample tubes
  • plastic bags to hold small storage vessels
  • disposable plastic syringes
  • waste bin
  • kitchen towel to mop of spillages
  • face masks
  • plastic gloves
  • overalls
  • box to carry samples in so they dont break
  • waterproof pens
  • datasheets/notebook
  • list of subjects characteristics and sample schedule
  • weighing scale (appropriate for subjects)
  • subject instruction sheet (laminated)
  • watch to record collection time