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Elphinstone Kist   Maakers, History

    by: Dunbar, William


Blyth Aberdeane thow beriall of all tounis,
The lamp of bewtie, bountle, and blythnes:
Unto the heaven ascendit thy renoun is
Off vertew, wisdome, and of worthines;
He nottit is thy name of nobilnes,
Into the cuming of oure lustie Quein,
The wail of welth, guid cheir, and mirrines:
Be blyth and blisfull burgh of Aberdein.

And first hir mett the burges of the toun
Richelie arrayit, as become thame to be,
Of quhom they chesit four men of renoun,
In gounes of velvet, young, abill and lustie,
To beir the pail of velvet cramase
Abone hir heid, as the custome hes bein;
Gryte was the sound of the artelyie:
Be blyth and blisfull, burgh of Aberdein.

Ane fair processioun mett hir at the Port,
In a cap of gold and silk full pleasantlie
Syne at hir entrie, with many fair disport,
Ressaveit hir on streittis lustilie;
Quhair first the salutatioun honorabilly
Of the sweitt Virgin guidlie mycht be seine;
The sound of menstrallis blawing to the sky:
Be blyth and blisfull, burgh of Aberdein.

And syne thow gart the orient kingis thrie
Offer to Chryst with benyng reverence,
Gold, sence, and mir, with all humilitie,
Schawand him king with most magnificence;
Syne quhow the angill, with sword of violence,
Furth of the joy of paradice putt clein
Adame and Ev tor innobedience:
Be blyth and blisfull, burcht of Aberdein.

And syne the Bruce, that evir was bold in stour,
Thow gart as roy cum rydand under croun,
Richt awfull, strang, and large of portratour
As nobill, dreidfull, michtie campioun:
The nobill Stewarts syne, of great renoun,
Thow gart upspring, with branches new and greine,
Sa gloriouslie, quhill glaided all the toun:
Be blyth and blisfull, burcht of Aberdein.

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