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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse, Family and Home

Fit's a Chuncer Da?     by: Buchan, William

Da, fit's a chuncer, Da?
Weel pet, a chuncer is somebody
fa likes d think he kens a'thing aboot a' thing
Somebody fa sometimes pushes his luck
a wee bit further than he kens he should.

Oh aye.
Is my sister a chuncer, Da?
Na, na pet. Yer sister's jist a young quine
fa's learning fit's richt and fit's wrang
and sometimes she thinks she kens best.
But I ken better.

Oh aye.
Is my Mither a young quine, Da?
Nae noo pet- But she's nae bad.
She still manages ti keep the hoose bonny
and keeps ye fed and tidy,
an has a bosie for ye fin ye greet.
Jist like me.

Oh aye.
Are you nae bad, Da?
Oh aye pet. I'm better than 'at. I'm yer Da.
I hiv ti ging and work hard so as ye a' hiv
a fine hoose ti bide in and ye a' get a'thing
ye ask for and neen o' ye hiv ti worry aboot

Oh aye.
Can Da's be chuncers Da? ..........

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