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Elphinstone Kist   Prose bi Bairns

Ma Bedtime Teddy     by: Sutherland, Vicki

Ma bedtime teddy's affa saft an fite. He his a teeny wee nose wi blue een an wee feet. He lies on tap o ma bed wi his heid on the pilla. That's ma bedtime teddy.

I love him tae bits. I sleep wi him aa nicht, an then fin it's bricht I tuck him up in ma bed. Fin I come hame I makk sure he's sleepin, an then I change ma claes. I ging doon stairs bit I myne an takk him wi me.

I ging ootside an play wi ma fitba. Than I come insaide an hae ma supper. Efter that I dee ma hamewirk an syne I gang tae ma bed.

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