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Elphinstone Kist   Prose bi Bairns

Fishin     by: Sharp, Alistair

I like fishin. In the efterneen I ging doon tae the Don an fish the Kindie Pool. It's deep an caul. First I dig fur wirms in the park. Big eens are best. I drap them intae a plastic tub. Ye need aboot 20 wirms. Aboot 10 minutes is aboot aa ye need tae gaither them. I hae a troot rod an I buy my hooks in Inverurie in a game shop. Sometimes ma brither comes wi me. We dinna sit thegither - he gaes farrer up the Don.

We choose wir spot, an push the wirm ontae the hook. The guts splooter oot. The wirm wriggles. Then I cast oot tae the far side o the peel. It's best jist efter it's bin rainin, cause the flees hatch oot. An springtime's the best season, because the salmon an troot sweem up fae the sea.

Sometimes I pit on a plastic float. It floats alang an fin the troot bites it gings doon. The line gings ticht - it jidders. Ye wait a minitie an then strike - ye reel it in. The rod boos doon fin ye lift it oot o the watter.

The troot wummlin aboot. Its tail's flappin. EEnce it's on the bank, I chap its heid wi a stick, twa, three times if it's big. The troot's broon an speckly dark reid.

I cairry it hame in a plastic bag. It gings intae the freezer. An later, ma mam grills it fur ma denner. It's affa fine!

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