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Elphinstone Kist   Prose bi Bairns

Flittin     by: Beattie, Scott

Last Sunday we flitted hoose. Aabody helped. Ma granda came up in the larry frae the Knock an ma granny came in the car as weel. We've three dogs caad Candy, Jet an Lassie, an twa hamsters. The hamsters flitted in granny's car, bit the dogs are still at the auld hoose till we've settled.

We flitted frae a hoose on the side o a hill doon tae a bungalow ootside o Alford. I packed my things intae cardboard boxies that came frae Corgarff. Ma granda tuik us doon in the larry first, an masel an ma twa sisters, granny an aa the boxes. Ma mam, dada an granda gied back tae the auld hoose tae load beds, washin machines, tumble drier, fridge, the suite, a desk, cheers, kitchen table an a puckle ornaments. Ae gless broke - that wis aa.

Efter the flittin wis by, we gied tae granny's hoose at the Knock fur a plate o lentil soup. We'd earned it!

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