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Elphinstone Kist   Prose bi Bairns

Canada     by: Roper, Christopher

Fin I wis on holiday this summmer, I flew ower tae Canada wi ma sister, Katherine, Dad an Mum. We gaed tae Amsterdam first, an tuik anither plane frae there tae Vancouver. We bedd twa days there an then gaed 'Bear and Whale Watchin' on a bus an a boat. It wis a three-day tour.

We tuik a speed boat wi a guide oot tae sea an in the Johnston Strait we saw killer whales. The radar picks them up, the boat stops, an we saw them come up tae breathe. EEn o the biggest males swam aneth the boat. There wis three schools o killer whales. wi ten whales in each een.

Efter that, next day, we tuik a bus tae a salmon river an frae the tap o the bus we wtched an waited fur twa oors. A mum grizzly bear came oot o the trees, gaed tae the river, an flicked a salmon oot o the watter an ate it. Then she wauked back intae the forest an cam oot wi twa cubs. She catched salmon wi her paas, an gied them tae the little eens.

I wisna feart - a guide hid a dart gun in case they attacked. We bedd there three oors an gaed back tae the hotel chalet. It wis poorin doon wi rain. Efter three oors we war soaked - the bus wis open-roofed an we war wierin dark claes. Bears get a fleg if ye weir bricht colours.

Back at the chalet we gaed intae the hot tub an we hid a thanksgivin supper. I tuik lots o photies. I'll nivver forget watchin the grizzly bears!

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