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Elphinstone Kist   Prose bi Bairns

The White Bull     by: Allan, Stuart Graeme

Aa oor coos are in the byre. We takk them in fin it's caal. We hae a white bull. It's a pedigree caad 'Mansfield Alstgarer'. We bocht it aff a mannie a lang time ago.

Fin he gings in amang new beasts he kens, he boxes them tee till the waa. He chases them roon an roon the byre. He's got a pierced nose. The vet came up an did it. It bled a wee whylie.

If he's coorse, ye takk ye takk a haud o the ring an haul it. That quatens him doon. Sometimes he skreichs an sometimes he roars, if he hears ither coos bein loadit fur the mart.

He eats silage, barley an hey - he's fat! Dad gies him strae tae sleep on an I feed him fin I ging hame frae the school. I feed the rest o the beasts an aa.

I takk a graip, pit silage intae the troch first. Then I get a pailfu o barley(bruised) an cowp it in ower the tap o the silage. Aside that I graip on some hey.

We dinna muck them oot aa winter, we pit clean strae on tap o the fool sharn. At the eyn o the winter, fin it's sunny, we pit them oot, an muck oot the hale byre an power-waash aa the waas an the fleer o the byre. If ye pit yer finger in front o't yer skin wid come aff, it's that powerfu.

Fin the white bull gings oot efter the winter, if there's coos in the next park, he gings up an roars ower the fence.

Fin he's oot in the park he jist eats grass, an he bides oot aa nicht. Fin he's auld da'll takk him tae the mart. We dinna hae a float, bit a mannie caad Donal Mann drives in aboot in his float. Afore he comes we'll pit the bull intae a separate pen an drive him up the float door an intae the float.

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