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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse

Playin it ih Prefabs     by: Nardi, Tony

This area was fairly close to my home in Mastrick when Anderson Drive was still a single road. I played there so often. It was great smashing the windows, the ones that were left of course, I'm sure I wasn't the only boy who visited Anderson Drive.

Playin it ih Prefabs

If yer ahi enough ti remember Prefab hooses
Yill mine er wiz plunty affo Anderson Drive
A place I injoy'd ind played fur oors
Rare memories I hae, it made me feel alive.

Ahd spend maist o the day rinnin aboot
Scratchin knees oer each gairden wa
In ind oot o doors, climin throo ih windas
It wiz a loat mair fun th'n playin wi a ba

In ih wee thin streets er wiz hunders o hooses
Far yid find ih waz ti be crumbly thin
Th'd be rain soaked through ind full o beasties
Far some o the roofs lookit like batter'd tin

Some wid hae winda panes nae fur much langer
I's each o us wid line up fur chuckin a stein
Ther wisna anither thought wint thru mi heid
Nae even thinkin o the years ih winda hid seen

Thi said yi hid ti be an affa stroang loon
Better still ti be an affa good shot
Ti feel yi hid ti stoap throwin it winda's
Ind tik a langer chuck it ih chimney pot

Now if yi gote lucky yid watch it tummle
We a clatter ind a crash is it endid it's fa
Yid turn aroon kainin fine yi were ih best
The feelin it gave, wiz ih best oh im ah

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