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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse

Speshul Ein     by: Nardi, Tony

(Mair Mastrick Th’n Doric)

Bel my Mother-in Law is a very special person who always gives out more than she gets back. On Tuesdays I would go to the auction house in Aberdeen to check out lots which go on sale at 10:00am the next day. Bel suggested I come over on the Wednesday morning for my breakfastat 9:00am just before going to the auction. We had some nice chats then and I always looked forward to my breakfast. A lovely cook is Bel!

Speshul Ein

Am richt lucky i kain ti hae ein si nice
Fa warms ti the kitchen like suger n spice
Fa birls ah the pots we ih frien pan
In maks sik a brekfist thit’s really gran
It’s a meal sare needit for a wurkin loon
Nae ein it’s deservit oh wakin ih toon

Av kint how to eat weel, mi belly yi’ll see
Bit sik a gran brekfist fir a hunger like me
Some hae eins thit hiv aye bickert in fought
Bit thers nein mare special thin the ein av got
Her name’s weel kint n the best o im ah
My ein’s named Bel, mi mother in lah.

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