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Elphinstone Kist   Rhymes bi Bairns, Art

Ma Wee Sister     by: Summers, Stuart

Source: Brother and Sister- Joan Eardley

Awa doon the rack tae play wi ma pals...
'Wait a minitie an takk yer sister!'
'Och mam...Div I hiv tae?'
'Ay, ye div! Noo hurry up!'
'Bit I dinnae wint tae. She's a pest!'
'I'm getting angeret...'
'Ok! I'm gaun! I'm gaun!'

Waukin doon the road,
Pullin on wir coat
'Ow! That hurts ye ken!'
'Och, stop yer girnin an hurry up!'
'Heh! I can see ma pals! Rin!'

'I'm scunnert. Takk me hame.'
'I'm nae takkin ye hame.'
'Bit ye hae tae!'
'Weel, if yer desperate,
Awa hame yersel.'
'Ok. Bit if I get lost, yer deid!'

'I'm hame!'
'Far's yer sister?'
'She wint awa hame hersel.'

'Weel, she's nae here!'
'Oh no! I'm in fur it!'

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