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Elphinstone Kist   Rhymes bi Bairns

Ma Room     by: Smith, Sarah

I hid jist come hame frae duncin
Wis aboot tae hae ma lunch
Fan I heard some bangin an clangin
An I suddenly had a hunch
I dashed intae the hallway
It wis comin frae upstairs
I climbed the stairs sae quickly
Takkin them in pairs
The noise wis comin frae my room
I opened up the door
I found an affa scary sicht
I couldna see the flaer!
Aa my stuff wis broken
An scattered ower the flaer
I turned an found ma brither
Keekin ahin the door
‘David,’ I shouted loudly
‘Are ye aff yer heid?’
‘Ye’d better get this mess cleared up
Or I’m tellin ye…yer deid!’
Maw made him pay for aa ma stuff
It wis a fantastic sicht tae see
I’ve telt him loads o times before

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