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Elphinstone Kist   Rhymes bi Bairns

Gaun tae the fitba match     by: Stewart, Scott

It's a caul, driech day in Aiberdeen,
as am gaun up King Street tae see ma team,
it's a fair aul walk tae Pittodrie street,
an it's awfy sair on ma puir wee feet.

The place is swarmin like bees roon a hive,
an I'm sure it'll look the same at ten tae five,
so a clock in ma ticket an search for ma cheer,
I buy a pie an the dam gows appear!

We clap on the team as they waKk ontae the pitch,
OH NO, I hear groans I think there's a wee hitch
it's Langfield again, I hear the cheil say,
I hope he plays better thin he did on Tuesday!

It's nithin each at the end of the half,
But the wye we played didna caz a laff!
The second half starts wi hopelessness an vain,
A challenge fae Diamond his their forwart in pain.

The ref blaas his whistel it's the end o the game
At nithin each it's time tae go hame
So we leave Pittodrie wi a puff o the cheeks
Niver mine says the mannie, there's aye nixt week.

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