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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse

Caledonia Calling     by: Robertson, Stanley

A skirl o the piproch gars yer lugs dirl, yer spine frazzles wi pride,
Mist clarted Coolins cock oot their heidies ,salute a place whar tac bide.
Laverocks an skirlies spurdies an grouse, craw tae the salty seas,
Whar Picts and Celts rowed their boaties wi spirits wild an free.
The Spey the Deveron, the Dee and the Don bleed oot the northern land,
The Tweed and the Forth keep chavin on like stems on a magic wand.
Heath and heather wi Rodan trees are Nature’s masterpiece
Dunrobbin Cattle and Clydesdale Horse and ewie’s woollen fleece.
Frae a foreign shore yer heart it sechs for the land o Scottish flame.
Auld Mither I’m coming,ye ken I am coming, dear mither I’m coming hame.

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