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Elphinstone Kist   Art, Rhymes bi Bairns

The Convalescent     by: McEwan, Samantha

Source: The Convalescent – Sir J.E.Millais PRA

The wee lassie sits on her beddie, very sad an lanesome.
If I were there sittin on that beddie, I’m sure I widna feel hamely
The flooers an the blanky there
Wid be the only things that wid cheer me up.
I winner if thon twa things will cheer her up?
She looks like she’s bin greetin aa nicht
It wid hae bin a terrible sicht.

Imagine it, though.
Yer in the dark,
Ye feel ill,
Ye’ve jist bin greetin.
Ye micht be thinkin o deein.
Oh fit a horrible thocht!

Or she micht be recoverin
Fae an illness or a bug.
Soon, she’ll be able
Tae rin throw the Spring
Wi nae worries on her min’.

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