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Elphinstone Kist   Rhymes bi Bairns

Sandy the Spaceman: A Class Renga     by: South Esk Primary 5

* A Renga is a form of poetry where many poets contribute a line or lines on the same subject, sometimes singly, sometimes in pairs. In this poem, the lines of 10 pupils have been used in context, to make the finished poem.

Sandy the Spaceman shot intae space,
Afore he went he packed a suitcase,
He wis stappit aboard a great muckle rocket,
He had a biscuit safe in his pocket.
Sandy then stertit it stracht past the moon,
My goodness me! It's jist like a balloon!
He spied mony craters, big eens an sma,
They were lookin bonnie an awfu braw,
Pushin the throttle he whizzed past Mars,
Aa aroon him were sonsie wee stars,
Whit a rare planet It's reid an it's glowin,
It looked like a volcano wi lava flowin.
Sandy scudded alang the great Milky Way,
Noo he's decided he wid stay.
A couthie Alien on his windae knockit...
'D'ye ken yer back door's nae lockit?'
Sandy said tae the Alien 'Thanks an goodbye!'
Then he flew awa in the flick o an eye.
Then Mission Control said 'Come doon tae Earth'
'We're gonna go shoppin the day in Perth!.'

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