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Elphinstone Kist   Rhymes bi Bairns, Art

Me an ma Sister     by: Duthie, Stephen-John

Source: Brother and Sister- Joan Eardley

‘Takk yir sister fur a sweetie,
An get een fur yersel.’

‘Nuh. I’m gaun tae play fitba
An she canna play!’

Oot the door. Bonnie day.
Lots o time tae play
We’re aa playin fitba
Except wee Jimmy Peter.

‘Noo, fit are ye deein here?
I telt ye nae tae come!’
‘Mam said I’ve got tae come
Cause wee Jeanie Cooper is nae in.’

Wi aa hae tae ging hame.
Time fur a hett bath,
Aff tae bed an guid nicht

I hid a dream last nicht
I dreamt I wis gettin on wi her!

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