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Elphinstone Kist   Rhymes bi Bairns, Art

Collie an Bulldug     by: Duthie, Sarah

Source: The Scotch Fair - John Philip

In a crooded fair
Fu o kye an pipes
Stood twa wee duggies
Een black, an een fite.

The black een wis fae Scotland
The ither frae the Sooth
Each wis totally different
Richt doon tae their woof!

Ae bulldug stood tall
Fu o pouer an cherm
His maister wis a Lord
Niver kennin ony herm

The collie lay low
Dowie an depressed
His maister wis a fermer
In rags he wis dressed

Bit deep doon inside
They were jist the same
Through gweed times an coorse times
Britain wis their hame.

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