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Elphinstone Kist   Art, Sport & Leisure, Bothy Ballad

Aikey Fair     by: Blackhall, Sheena

A Scotch Fair -
John Phillip
Sung to the tune: Fa saw the 42nd?

Fa saw the Heilan sodjers?
Fa saw them merchin there?
Fa saw the Heilan sodjers
Catch recruits at Aikey Fair?

Some fowk cam tae coort an cuddle,
Some tae daunce an some tae stare,
Some fowk cam tae buy or peddle,
Pots an pans at Aikey Fair.

Fa saw the fermer's cuddy
Turn an pit doon its lugs?
Fa saw the bar-fit laddie
Pairt a pair o fechtin dugs?


Fa saw the auld wife steerin
Broth, wi a muckle speen?
Fa saw a plooman speirin
Fur a kiss frae cripple Jean?


Fa heard the tinker singin?
Fa heard the calfie lowe?
Fa heard the bagpipes skirlin
Roon the fair on Aikey's howe?


Fa tuik a dram o fusky?
Fa's lad got fechtin fu?
Fa's kittlin Sandy's lassie?
Fa will pye the piper noo

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