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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse, History, Education, Place

Egypt     by: Blackhall, Sheena

Humfy camels cross the dunes
Stoory pyramids staun quate
Tae a peel, green crocs slip doon
Faith, the desert sun is hett!

In this warld o sun an san,
Peintit Pharoahs ruled the lan
Hieroglyphics tell us yet
O a mummy's alphabet!

Wigs an linen, scentit ile
War eence the fashion roon the Nile
Scorpions sting, an locusts feed
Far dreid Osiris watched the deid.

San in sandwiches an tea
San in lugs, in een in sheen
San as far as ye can see
I think I'll bide in Aiberdeen!

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