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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse, Fantasy

Frankenstein's Lullaby     by: Blackhall, Sheena

I pu ma duvet roon ma neb,
Ma chin, kyte, hurdies, happin,
In case the croc aneth the bed,
Sud slidder oot an bite ma Ted,
Wi nesty teeth snip aff ma taes,
( I'm sure he hisna ett fur days)
I hear his gnashers snappin!

I draa ma duvet ower ma snoot,
Fur at the windae, glowerin,
A bogle stauns in ghaistie cloots,
As fae a tree a hoolet hoots.
Coont Dracula wi dreepin fangs,
Flees by, wi bats an vampire gangs
Whylst in ma bed I'm cooerin.

I pu ma pilla ower ma lug,
Fur doon the stairs I'm hearin,
The knap an knell, the chooch an chug,
As Frankenstein gaes ower the rug,
Wi chynes that makk an eildrich din,
He's waltzin wi a skeleton
Tae frichten me frae sleepin!

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