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Elphinstone Kist   Bairn Rhyme, History

Twa Victorian Bairns     by: Blackhall, Sheena

Rockin horse, rockin horse,
Hopscotch an girds,
Governess teachin
Gweed mainners, fine wirds,
Velveteen breekies, a pair o fine sheen,
A sheltie, a maid an a fine siller speen.

Lum-sweeper, lum-sweeper,
Barely turned ten,
Cleanin the lums
For the fine gentlemen,
Barfit an shilpit,
A doon-trodden moose,
He maun wirk fur his maet
In the pairish puir-hoose.

Rockin horse, rockin horse,
Kink hoast, TB,
They're nae respecter
O class or degree.
Vauntie young gentlemen,
Lum- sweeper loon,
Fin the Derk Angel cams
Baith sleep as soun.

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