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Elphinstone Kist   Stories for Bairns

Fower Breets fae Bide-at-hame Wid     by: Blackhall, Sheena

Langsyne, fower breets bedd in Bide-at-Hame Wid, fa didna wint tae bide there ava. Hoolet, Rubbitie, Puddock an Hedgehog aa winted a change o hame, they were fair scunnert o bidin in a wid an winted tae see the great muckle warld ootside it. Ae Monday mornin they packit up aa their gear an set aff tae luik for a new address.

Hoolet wis faistest because he cud flee wi his wee grey wings, an he fand a hame in a cauld, auld castle.
'This'll dee fur me,' quo Hoolet, an he wyted till the door wis open an in he flew.
First aff, he luikit fur something tae ett, bit there wisna a moose in the place, they'd aa bin catched bi the castle cat, fa didna like hoolets ava.
Efter a while he grew lanely, an set aff roon the castle luikin fur neebors,
bit aa he saw wis the castle bogle an she didna like hoolets either.
Fin Hoolet tried tae raxx his wings, he fand he hid nae room tae flee, and he crashed intae the burlar alarm an fleggit aa the veesitors. The castle staff chased him oot o the castle an set him back tae Bide-at-Hame Wid afore he could say Hoot-Hoot!

Rubbitie wis neist faistest, cause he cud lowp wi his strang furry leggies an he fand a hame in a wee hoose up a lanie.
'This'll dee fur me,' quo Rubbitie, an he wyted till the door wis open an in he lowpit.
First aff, he luikit fur something tae ett, bit there wisna ony girse aboot the place, there wis jist a big black dug, fa didna like rubbities ava.
Efter a while Rubbitie grew lanely, an a bittie feart o the big black dug, sae he set aff roon the hoose luikin fur new neebors, bit aa he saw wis a goldfish in a bowl an she didna like rubbities, either.
Fin Rubbitie tried tae lowp, he skyted on his dowp ower the polished lino fleer , and he crashed intae the TV an laundit richt on tap o the faimly's mobile phone.
'There's a rubbitie on the phone' the littlins cried. Weel, their mither telt them nae tae be feel, bit fin she cam ooto the kitchie she seen saw there WIS a rubbitie on the phone, an they chased him oot o the hoose an sent him back tae Bide-at-Hame Wid afore he could gie a myowt.

Puddock wis next faistest, because his green leggies warna as lang as Rubbitie's, an he fand a hame in a skyscraper, richt in the hairt o the toun.
'This'll dee fur me,' quo Puddock, an he wyted till the door wis open an in he lowpit inno the skyscraper lift.
First aff, he luikit fur something tae ett, bit there wisna even a crumb in the lift they'd aa bin swyped awa bi the cleaner fa didna like puddocks ava, sae it wis jist as weel it wis Friday an her day aff.
He wisna lanely lang, fur he seen fand neebors, a hale faimly stoppit the lift an waukit in, a grunny, an granda, a ma, a da an a bairn. An the bairn powkit him an duntit him an cowpit him an shoogled him till puir Puddock wis richt nae weel, an he wis affa gled fin the lift reached the boddom fleer an they aa got aff.
There wis nae water in the lift, an it wis terrible hett fur Puddock an byordnar scratty on his dowp. Sae naebody chased him oot o the lift an sent him back tae Bide-at-Hame Wid, he wis gled tae ging hame. Fin a Hydro-electric mannie cam intae the lift tae read fowk's meters he got the fleg o his life tae see a wee green Puddock lowpin oot an aff doon the road as faist as his wee green puddocky leggies wad cairry him!

Last fae fin a hame ooto the fower wis Hedgehog, fur hedgehogs are affa slow, and he took sae lang tae win ooto the Wid it wis gey near nicht an growin cauld afore he reached the road, an a bus stop, wi an auld spider's web in a neuk. Sae Hedgehog sattled doon tae makk a hame in the auld spider's web, fur he wis affa weariet.
'This'll dee fur me,' quo Hedgehog, an he wippit the web roon an roon him like a shawl. Efter thon, he luikit fur something tae ett, bit there wisna a flee in the wab, they'd aa bin etten bi the spider, fa didna like hedgehogs ava.
It wisna lang afore the spider thocht she'd like tae get rid o her new neebor, sae oot she cam wi threids in aa her hauns. An she crissed him an crossed him an wippit him an rowed him roon an roon an roon wi her threids, till Hedgehog couldna see far he wis gaun. An she steered him an prodded him up an ooto the bus stop shelter ower the road (far he wis near run doon bi a larry) a richt intae the burn, far he fell in wi a sploosh.
At the last meenit spider lowpit clear an ran back tae the bus stop tae stert makkin a new hoose, fur Hedgehog hid fair ruined her last ane.
Hedgehog wis affa lucky nae tae be drooned. Hoolet, tho, saw fit hid happened an flew doon an catched him up in his cleuks an cairriet him back dreepin weet tae Bide-at-Hame Wid afore ye could say Hoot-Hoot.

Sae that wis foo aa fower o the friens cam hame. Hoolet decided that he wad bide in his tree foriver, an stop girnin. Rubbitie sattled doon tae bide in his holie aside aa the fine tasty girse, an Puddock cooried doon in the dubs o his glaury puil. As fur Hedgehog, he shauchled intae the foon o his leafy hedge. An naebody spak aboot flittin iver again.

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