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Elphinstone Kist   Bairn Rhymes

Foo Mony Hoolets?     by: Blackhall, Sheena

Foo mony hoolets hoot roon aboot the hoose?
There’s hungeret Horace Hoolet
On the look-oot fur a moose

There is genteel Harry Hoolet
Suppin denner wi a speen
There is scunnerin Hackit Hoolet
Wi his oxters bowfin green.

There is sleekit Hamish Hoolet
Wi a doocot fur a nest.
There is a slystery Hetty Hoolet
Wi her pudden doon her vest

There is Hooligan the Hoolet
Luikin fur some glaiss tae smash
(Flew intae a double decker
Heelstergowdie. Sic a crash)

There is Skinnymalinkie Hanna
Fatty Hetty big an broon
There’s a hoolet caad Horatio
Fa ay sleeps upside doon.

Foo mony hoolets hoot roon aboot the hoose?
As mony as the bubbles
In a tin o orange juice!

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