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Elphinstone Kist   Art, History

Geordie Jamesone     by: Blackhall, Sheena

Source: Self-Portrait by George Jamesone

Schuled bi Rubens in Antwerp toun
(Burnt sienna an emerald green)
Peintit fowk fae the monarch doon,
Jamesone, artist, Aiberdeen.

Fin cannon thunnert an weemin skirled,
As Covenanters wi gun an pike
Grimly merched wi their flags unfurled,
Far wis Geordie, the Scots Van Dyke?

Bluid wis scaled in the toun's defence
Daith bi sword at the Brig o Dee
War is dearer nur pounds an pence
Geordie Jamesoneā€¦Far war ye?

Shiprow, Gallowgate, Justice Street,
Upperkirkgate an Futty Wynd,
Netherkirkgate, the war drums beat,
Till deid war delled and the victors dined.

Ruff an mowser an forkit beard,
Geordie Jamesone wisna blate
Tae catch on canvas the heich Montrose
Anither notch fae the Heids o State.

Geordie Jamesone, foo'd we ken
Wioot yer skill or yer peinter's ee
Fit mainner or makk o Kings an men
Gart cannons thunner an tounsfowk flee?

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