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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse, Sport and Leisure, Family and Home

Airport Sklaik     by: Robertson, Rhona

'I telt ye we'd be here ower early.'
'Look at these oil guys hingin aboot.'
'Are ye wintin a sweetie?'
'No. I'd raither hae a cup o tea.'
'Faur's the toilet?'
'That fowk maun be gaun somewye, awfa hett.
They've got their straw hats wi them.'
'Fit a soun that bairn's makkin.'
'Fit's that book yer readin?'
Onywye, I jist telt him if he affrontit
Me like that again he'd be makkin his ain wey hame.'
'Is that a quine or a loon? Ye dinna ken nooadays.
Fit wey dis the parents let them oot looking like that?
Wis that oor flight they jist shouted?
Fit's oor number?'
'Dinna dird that bag on the fleer.
Yer C.D. player's in it an ye'll brakk it.'
'That security guard's gaen us a gey funny look.'
'Did ye turn aff the gas afore we cam awa?'
'I'm awa then. My parkin time's aboot up.'
'Oor Kylie'll be waitin fur ye in Birmingham.'

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