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Elphinstone Kist   Rhymes bi Bairns

The Green Machine     by: Gregor, Rory

The green machine is affa strong
Tho sometimes it goes affa wrong
In the cauld mornins it winna start
Tae oull alang along its trailer cart

''Oh no!" I shout. "It’s brakin’ doon!"
It maks me intil an angry loon.
I call my granda on the phone
The best mechanic in Foggieloan

He says, "Ma loon, fit did ye dee?"
"It wisna me! It wis ma key!
I drappit it intil the dubs
An noo ma tractor hubs and bubs

The noise it drives mam roort the bend
Spilin her lang lie each weekend
Fin I come in I’m really fool
Wi oil and dubs ‘n oota fuel

"Oh no! shouts dad —nae again
Ye dae this a the time ye ken!"
Says I — "oh dinna get sae mad
I only want tae help ye, dad!"

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