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Elphinstone Kist   Rhymes bi Bairns

Tae School     by: Bruce, Rebekka

I canna thole ye, fit can I say,
Every morning for maist o the day
Ma mither shouts, ‘It’s time tae go,
So hurry up an dinna be slow!’

I stump ma feet an start tae moan
‘I’m nae gan. Ye’ll hiv tae phone!’
Bit she’s nae listenin, ma mither’s nae
I wint tae bide at hame an ging oot tae play.

I dinna like school, it’s nae fair
It’s work, work work till ma heid gets sair
Work oot this, write this doon
O fit a din, fit a soun!
An the best bit o the day, it’s aye the same
Fan the bell rings an it’s time tae gang hame!

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