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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse, Animals, Family and Home

Willie's Dog     by: Wokoma, Pat

Willie, Willie far's yer dog
I thocht ye took it oot a wak.
Aye, I did, am sure I did
Bit I dinna mine on takin it back.
Am sure I lost it in the wids
I hid a gweed hud on the lead
Bit man, fin I think on it
It musta slippit o'er its heed.
Look o'er syne, ye'll fid the rope
Twis lowpit roon his neck rale ticht
I musta tuggit it o'er roch
Bit I shoulda noticed it wisna richt
I'll hae tae gawa an look fer him
An nae leave him sittin' on yon caul grun
He jist micht catch at doggie flu
An I wouldna be withoot him noo.

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