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Elphinstone Kist   Rhymes bi Bairns

Ma Brither is a Pest     by: Webster, Anita

Mi brither's only sax years al,
An at's enough fur me,
He prances aroon in his underwear,
Jist duncin withoot a care.

He disna eat aa his supper,
He sneaks it tae the dug,
An ivery time he gins oot tae play,
He cams in covered in dubs!

He ayeways runs aboot the hoose,
Hidin' day and nicht,
An fin its time tae gae tae sleep,
He jumps up and gaes ye a fricht!

Weel, at's jist brithers fur ye,
Be they Jamies, Joe or Jack,
Bit wan things fur sure, in years tae come,
I'm sure ah'll get him back!

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