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Elphinstone Kist   Rhymes bi Bairns

The Howlin Win     by: Mitchell, Kyllie

A bonnie day it stairted oot,
The sun wis shinin, roon aboot,
Ma untie said,"Let's go fur a wak.
So aff we wint, wi oor backpack.
I stoppit tae tie the pints o' ma beets,
Wi water tricklin aroon ma feet.

It's at hill o'er er we're gan tae climb,
I thocht it wid tak an affa time,
I pulled ma hat doon o'er ma lugs,
As the win began tae pull an' tug.

"I'm nae gan up - it's o'er winny,'' I said.
"I'd raither be lyin' at hame in ma bed!''

Fin we got up, me untie did say,
"The win's affa gusty up here the day!''
"Gusty?" I said. 'I can hardly stun!''
So ma dad kept a richt good grip o ma hun.
The pathy doon I wis glad ti see,
The road hame's far I wint tae be!

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