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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse

Wannerin Shaadas     by: Graham, Peter

Fit wis that ye said?
Yer hert's in the Hiehlands,
yer hert's nae here,
ye'd rether be chasin deer?
Dinna be daft.
Fit wid ye live on?
Ere's nae eneuch girss
ti feed a coo!
Faar ye need ti be is here-
in the Mearns,
wi a muckle sky abeen ye,
cloods scurryin ower it,
rain comin ower e Grampians,
faain doon on e beirin corn.
Noo get back til yer werk
an nae mair o yer nonsense.
Chasin deer! Fyach!

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