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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse, Education

Ma Computer's Doon     by: Goodall, Phyllis J.

Ma computer's doon, an eeseless lump!
It fooner't on's the streen!
An it the thing I lippen't on
Ti get aa ma writin deen.

It gart mi think on the gifts I hae
Gars ma boolie row sae weel
An me as prood an cantie
As though I'd made them ma very sel:

Swippert feet for climmin hills,
Hans that can mak a hame,
A kindly face that bairns taks til,
A brain that can read an rhyme.

The day will come fin they'll aa ging doon
As the computer did yestreen,
Ma hardware, feet, hans, face an brain,
They'll a' grow aal an deen.

An I'll be there afore ma Maker
Wi naething o ma ain
But the guid or ill in this warl
I wrocht His ootlins an His bairns.

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