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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse, History, Fantasy, Place, Family and Home

Uncannie Places     by: Goodall, Phyllis J.

O, be well warned ladies aa
With husbands o' yer ain,
Come nor gyang nae by the Elrick Hill
Or the Templars' Wid or the Stane.

Fit wye div you sit so quiet, wife,
Fa never eesed to be still?
I hae been kissed by, I canna say,
At the fit of the Elrick Hill.

Fit wye div you look sae unheedingly
At me and oor bairns you bore?
I hae been kissed in the Templar Wid
As I never wis kissed afore.

Fit wye div you glow like a lass, wife,
Grandmither an' yer youth lang gane?
I hae been caressed by hauns unblessed
Afore the Recumbent Stane.

You vowed in the full Kirk, lady,
That till death you wid be mine.
The lover I kissed in the ring o stanes
Is nae bound by mortal time.

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