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Hairy Tatties     by: Buchan, Peter

Bring me a ling fae the Viking Bank,
A tusk fae the Patch or the Reef,
Or catch me a cod on the Buchan coast
An’ I’ll greet nae mair for beef.
Steep her in saut for a three-fower days
Then dry her slow in the sun
In the month o’ May, when the safter win’s
Bring the green growth up thro’ the grun’.

Bring me a bile o’ the finest Pinks
Fae a craft on Mormon’ Braes,
At the tail o’ the hairst, when the first fite frost
Tells a tale o’ winter days.
Peel them an’ bile in a fine big pot
Wi’ my bonny fish in anither;
Bree them baith when ye think they’re richt,
Then ye’ll chap them baith thegither.

A knottie o’ butter an’ a glaiss o’ milk —
Ye’ve a feast that’s weel worth a Grace;
Then waste nae a meenit as ye fill your speen
An’ stap it into your face.
Bring me a tusk fae the Patch or the Reef —
Fae the Viking Bank, a ling;
Or catch me a cod on the Buchan coast
Then I ken I’ll dine like a king.

The Estate of Peter Buchan 1992
Peter Buchan’s Collected Poems and Short Stories are available from Steve Savage Publishers Ltd.

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