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Elphinstone Kist   Prose bi Bairns

Sea Divil     by: Carter, Lorne

Ae cauld nicht, a Scotsman caad Tony McTavish fa ained a boat set aff taae gyang fishin. The boat wis named efter his wife, Tracy McTavish. It wis a Friday nicht, which wis finishing nicht fur aa the fishermen. He set oot at nine o'clock. In a couple o oors he wis far oot frae land. He took oot his fishin net an threw it in the watter.Then, he pulled it up.

Fit hid taen his bait? He looked at it an lowped back. It wis a forbidding sea divil. The sea divil tore his net an ran efter Tony. Tony ran fur his life, bit the beast sent him fleein, an Tony landit heid first unner the watter. The divil wis very precise wi his kills, sae he beeriet Tony at the boddom o the sea.

Tony's wife reported Tony missin, bit naebody ever fand him. Bit noo yer probably winnerin foo I kent aa this...I am the sea divil!

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