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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Prose, Family and Home

An Evening in Paris     by: Morrice, Molly

Fit a stink comes ooto that wifie's hoose!Ye'd think she hid a deid body lyin in there!

Oh that's a shame spikkin aboot the wifie's hoose like that. She's really a clean wifie. The trouble is, she's ower–run wi mice an she winna stop up their holes.

She could get a cat. Aabody in the tenement his a cat except fur her.

Mebbe she's allergic tae them. Onywye, aabody's hoose his a different smell. Some smell o kippers. Some smell o pea soup. An some smell o Mansion polish. Bit aabody hisna time tae polish their fleers. A scrub wi soap an watter is aa maist fowk his time for, an cairryin slop pails doon tae the lavvie disna exactly remind folk o an Evenin in Paris, dis it noo!

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