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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse

Bridge Over/ Brig Ower     by: Johnston, Mary

Going to school each morning
I crossed the bridge over the Ythan -
Comin hame in e efterneen
I lamp it ower e brig.

E loons are guddlin for troot
doon ablo e twa brigs ower The Ythan -
teacher told us a pearl was once found
an it's now in the Queen's Scottish Crown.

Boys don't guddle for trout anymore
instead they build rafts and have races -
an faar Boatie Tam eest ti row ye across
somehoo ey've biggit a roddie.

On the eighth o January two thousand and sixteen
the Ythan burst its banks, (in the papers and on TV) -
an George Thamson's hoose aside e Twa Brigs
wis flooded; e like hid niver been seen
in aa e ald fowks' mindins.

Yes, everything's changed -
aye aathin's chynged.

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