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Elphinstone Kist   Rhymes bi Bairns

Nae School the Day!     by: Harper, Michael

There’s nae school the day, maw
Because o aa the sna!
The boiler’s broken doon
An there’s nae heat ava!

There’s nae school the day, maw!
A message came fur you,
We canna dae wir lessons
Cause oor teacher’s got the flu!

There’s nae school the day, maw!
I jist forgot tae say
We’ve got an extra holiday
Tae bide at hame an play!

I canna ging tae school, maw!
It’s been wan o these days
Ma wardrobe door is broken
An I canna get ma claes!

I’m tired o yer excuses
An if ye dinna wint a row
Get up the stairs
Pit on yer claes

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