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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse

Agnes at the Centre, Aboyne     by: Gartshore, Maurice

Agnes ye're a Buddha noo,
A fushionless sister o' silence and stillness,
Een on the flair maistly
Starin' oot the flooers on the rugs.
Yer hauns hiv grown roon yer stick
Like ivy roon an aul tree
Knotted and white:
Thae fingers that danced
The domestic fandango
Sair-made tae haud a cup.

Forbye ye've shrivelled roon yersel'
Roon the pairt that'll
Keep till daith.
Scarce mair tae lose
-Ye've gien up pairts
That couldna haud up
And noo ye're a ghaist o' yersel
Tho still wi' a name and a space
Waitin' for the lunch club
And yer Monday mince n' tatties.

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