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Elphinstone Kist   Rhymes bi Bairns, Art

Brithers an Sisters     by: Baillie, Marc

Source: Brother and Sister- Joan Eardley

Brithers an sisters, they’re jist pests,
Aawye I gyang they follow me.
If I’m gyaun tae the pitch fur a game o fitba,
Or even gyaun tae the shop,
Ma mam aywis tells me
‘Takk them wi ye!’
They nag an pull an shove ye aboot
Sayin ‘Fan are wi gaun hame?’

I takk them hame wioot ony eerins.
I get a cloot on the lug,
An get telt tae ging hame again
Wioot ma brithers an sisters.

I can dee ma mam’s eerins.
I can get tae the pitch,
An hae a game o fitba,
Wioot ma brithers an sisters.
I’d better makk the best o ma time
Afore the horrors come back.

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