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Elphinstone Kist   Bairn Rhyme

Charlie Chickanapee     by: Wheeler, Les

Charlie Chickanapee made a queer thing
That wis sma an sae muckle an big.
It didna dae onything though sometimes it moved
An made soonds like a grumphie aul pig!
An fan it wis still it wid rummle aboot,
An fan it wis quaet it roared!
The computer screen lit up fan twis ‘aff’
But fan ‘on’ it jist sat an looked bored!
But Charlie Chickanapee he didna care
If the hale thing wis pie in the sky,
“Aathing I mak is jist rubbish,” says he,
“But I’ve grand fun list haein a try!”

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