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Elphinstone Kist   Doric Verse, Music, Sport and Leisure

Dancin Daft     by: Wheeler, Les

I'm a boogie-woogie, hufflin-shufflin, wiggle-waggle woo
An a prancin-dancin, hippy-hoppy, diddle-daddle doo!
Fan the first wee caveman hit a steen an made a clinky din
My feet got affa yokey an my heid begaun tae spin.
It wis tippy-tappy, fitsie-footsie, paradiddle prum
My airms an legs wir yarkin like sticks upon a drum.
An since the time o cavemen I've bin dancin ilka day;
Aul-fashioned waltz or polka, a hornpipe or strathspey:
Blackbottom, hootchie-cooch an Mississipi Dip
Rumba, samba, eightsome reel- that'll keep ye fit!
Re-bop, be-bop, a funky French can-can-
As lang as there is rhythm that'll keep me gyaun.
It disna mal nae difference, be it techno, jive or soul,
Hoose, hip-hop, garage or gweed aul rock an roll.
The music is fit maitters- jist ony kin at aa
Faniver it gets sterted I'm aff an I'm awa.
I'm a boogie-woogie, hufflin-shufflin. wiggle-waggle woo
I'll be aff an prancin-dancin, sae cheerio for noo...YEA!!

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