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Elphinstone Kist   Art, Seasons, Place

Lochside Thochts     by: Wheeler, Les

Source: Blue Bays - Sir William Russell Flint

The simmer sun shines doon on hills an glens
The blue loch shimmers wi a sough o win.
Trauchled licht mists far slummerin bens,
An bairns pleiter, far ower het tae rin.
It's daunnerin wither for baith loon an lass;
Nae even maws skirl their skraichin soun.
Nae rant or rustle fae the lochside grass;
Siller birk an fir let their airms drap doon.
Fan Sabbath Scotia weirs her simmer claes
Ye seen forgie it's cauler dreicher side.
Ye ken fu back in lang forgotten days
Pict, Celt an Saxon aa cam here tae bide.
An in yer heart ye quaetly mak the claim
Ye're prood tae caa this bonnie lan yer hame.

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