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Elphinstone Kist   Art, Family & Home, Education

Jist Waatch It!     by: Wheeler, Les

Source: Going to School – Jules Bastien-Lepage

Noo, dinna laugh! No! dinna deet!
Ony mair an I am gyan tae greet.
I’m in a play doon at the skweel
An d’you ken this, I look richt feel.
A harn bug wi pom-poms on
D’ye think a princess wid weir yon?
The teacher says that I look fine
Fa’s she kiddin? Nae this quine!
My mither says I should be prood
Tae be a princess wi a hood.
But you should see my faither’s face
His silly grin’s a plain disgrace.
My brither says the blame’s aa mine;
For being sic a clivver quine.
But, then, I thocht, a funcy goun,
Siller slippers an a gowden croon.
Sae dinna start: I’m up tae here
Wi this feel hood that I’ve tae weir.
I canna help it if I glower:
I wish this play wis deen an ower!

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