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Elphinstone Kist   Stories for Bairns

Brockit an the Catnappers     by: Wheeler, Les

Noo, Brockit wis aye a freenly sort o cat an wid hae a news wi onybody an aabody. Na, he wisna a snob wis Brockit an being a cat that liked tae ken fit wis gyan on jist encouraged him tae mak freens wi aa sorts o folk.

Weel, that's a fine thing for some, but it can cause problems as weel, an Brockit wis tae find oot jist fu dangerous being ower ready tae trust folk can be.

As you weel ken, Brockit's an affa loon for wanderin aff an stravaigin aa ower the place an ae day his traivels hid teen him aa the wye up tae the main road. Brockit wis sittin, watchin the cars gyang fleein by, fan een stoppit gey near haun an aa the folk in it, a man an his wife an three bairns got oot an began tae set up a picnic.

It wisna lang afore the bairns spied Brockit an they were fair teen wi the cat. They gaed him bitties tae eat an a suppie milk as weel. Brockit wis real pleased tae be sae weel lookit efter an, onywye, like the rest o us he liked tae be petted an the bairns did plenty o that.

Noo, the bairns looked aboot, couldna see ony hooses close by an spiered at their folks if they micht keep the cat. The folk were as bad's the bairns an tae stop aa the priggin tellt the bairns that they could keep the cat! Afore Brockit wis aweer o fit wis gyan on, he wis wrapped in a towel, wi jist his heid stickin oot, an in ower the car.

Brockit wis in the hauns o catnappers! An there wisna muckle he could dae aboot it. The femily jist ignored his miaows an set aff for their hame. Fit could Brockit dae?

Noo, the car heided for the village an the wife asked the mannie tae stop at the shoppie. Luckily for Brockit the shoppie wis the post office as weel. Jist as the car drew in aboot at the shoppie sae did the Postie wi his van. He'd feenished his deliveries for the day an he'd come back tae pit his van in the garage.

As the Postie wis passin the car he heard Brockit's miaows an lookit tae see fit wis wrang. Noo, the Postie wis an aul freen o Brockits an he kent stracht awa that there wis something wrang gyan on there.

'Fit are ye daein wi Brockit?' he spiered at the folk.
'Oh, is he somebody's cat?' they asked.
'Aye, he is,' said the postie, 'Ye must hae catnapped him!' An the Postie opened the back door o the car an grabbed Brockit.

The folk fa hid teen Brockit hid gey reid faces an tried tae mak excuses aboot nae kennin onybody ained the cat an they thocht he'd been abandoned. Fa wid abandon Brockit?

The Postie wis neen impressed an gaed the toonsers a gweed tellin aff afore takin Brockit hame tae the ferm in his van.

Noo, if ye see ony kind o young animals, nae jist cats, but wild animals as weel, lookin as though they've been left aleen or abandoned, you leave them aleen as weel. Nae doot their mither his jist pit them doon for a twa-three meenits tae gyan an get something tae eat or the like. Jist you look an then dinna interfere or ye micht dae a lot o hairm. Beasts, especially young eens, are aye better aff wi their ain folk.

Fit aboot Brockit? Weel, he wisna ony the waur for his wee adventure, but he kent noo nae tae be ower freenly wi folk. If there's strangers aboot it's as weel tae keep yer distance an bide awa fae them till you're sure that yer safe an aathings aa richt.

That's jist fit Brockit wis thinkin as he snuggled doon in his bed next tae the fire in his cosy ferm hoose.

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