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Elphinstone Kist   Stories for Bairns

Brockit an the Grumphies     by: Wheeler, Les

There are a lot o different kinds o beasts on a ferm an Brockit liked them aa, but the eens he nivver visited affa often wis the grumphies or pigs as some folk ca them.

Brockit hid naething gainst Grumphies, but they aye seemed tae be in an affa state - nivver oot o the dubs!

The fermer hid fenced aff a corner o een o his parks an in there he'd pit a sheddie, a troch an fower muckle, pink grumphies. It wisna lang or there wis a lot mair, for een o the grumphies hid a litter an seen twal wee grumphies were rinnin aa ower the place an swishin their wee, curly tails.

Brockit bade awa fae the grumphies for a puckle days afore he wint tae see the litter. It's aye better tae gie ony new bairns a few days tae get eesed tae the warld afore ye gyang disturbin them.

Brockit made his wye tae the corner o the park an hid a look in bye. The fermer hid pit chicken wier roon the grumphies pen tae stop them runnin oot sae Brockit clammert up een o the palin posts tae get a better look.

Noo, grumphies like naething better than tae root aboot an howk up the grun wi their snoots. This digs up the grun an, if there's a weet spell, it's nae lang afore the hale place is jist a curn o dubs an glaur. Grumphies jist love it!

Noo, Brockit could clim as weel as onybody, but this day he wis that keen tae get a gweed look at aa the new, wee grumphies that he wisna watchin fit he wis daein.

He leaned ower far forrit an afore he kent fit wis fit he'd tummelt aff the palin post an wis in ower aside the grumphies. Brockit hid nae idea fit the grumphies wid dae tae a wee cat that hid invaded their sty, sae he thocht he wid be better aff tae get oot. He began tae rin taewards the fence, but that wisna easy. There wis sae muckle dubs that Brockit could hardly move an it wisna lang afore he wis fair stucken.

Noo, the grumphies stoppit their snorting an grumphin an began tae tak heed o their visitor. Even the wee grumphies stoppit rinnin aboot tae see fa this wis cryin oot 'Miaow! Miaooow!'

Brockit wis gettin real worried. He lookit ower an een o the big grumphies began tae shuffle ower in his direction. Fit wis the grumphie gyan tae dae?

Bnockit was gey worried for it's nae easy tae ken jist fit a grumphie is gyan tae dae. Brockit wis shakkin in his paws as the grumphie got closer an closer.

The grumphie reached Brockit an lowered its heid. Surely he wisna gyan tae eat Brockit? But, na. The grumphie put its heid doon, stuck its snoot intae the grun an under Brockit an lifted him ooto the dubs as bonny as ye like.

Brockit clung on tae the grumphie's snoot till they got tae the fence, syne the grumphie set Brockit doon. Brockit bade lang enough tae gie a wee nod o thanks tae the grumphie, syne he wis up the palin post an oot o the grumphie's hame.

Brockit made his wye back tae the hoose far the ferm-wife gaed Brockit a haun tae get himsel clean.

As Brockit wis lyin in his bed that nicht he thocht aboot fu grand it wis tae hae freens, but as far as the grumphies were concerned he was affa happy tae gie them a wave noo an again, but he widna like tae bide wi them!

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